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What You Should Know About Medical Malpractice Lawsuits


When it comes to this area of personal injury law practice, it’s important to understand that you could be facing an uphill battle. Medical malpractice suits can result in very expensive payouts for the insurance companies that cover physicians, hospitals and clinics among others. That means forceful legal representation will be necessary to overcome their resistance. Common instances of medical malpractice include:

  • Misdiagnosis: Failing to correctly render a diagnosis can lead to unnecessary adverse effects. The most prevalent misdiagnosis is cancer.

  • Childbirth Injuries: Fractured bones, brain trauma and nerve damage are common injuries infants suffer due to improper birthing practices. In some cases, signs of fetal distress are overlooked. Many of these childbirth tragedies can create a need for long-term care in your child.

  • Prenatal Negligence: The failure to recognize, diagnose and take corrective measures regarding things such as contagious disease contact, a mother’s condition and birth defects are common instances of malpractice.

  • Medication Mistakes: Prescribing and administration medications to a patient that has an allergy or are inappropriate for their health status are prevalent, avoidable mistakes. In many cases, medical personnel fail to review charts, check dosages or communicate effectively.

  • Surgery Mistakes: Errors during surgeries are far more common than many realize. Leaving foreign objects inside someone’s body, wrong surgeries and failure to follow protocol can have devastating effects.

  • Anesthesia Mistakes: Perhaps the most common form of medical malpractice is poorly administered anesthesia. Allergic reactions, overdoses and improper intubation can prove fatal.


The damages done by carelessness in the medical field are avoidable. These errors in judgment often leave injured patients with debilitating conditions, pain, suffering and excessive medical bills.

Contact an Experienced Orange County Medical Malpractice Attorney 

Proving a loss due to medical malpractice can entail a difficult legal battle. But, it is fundamentally unfair that you should suffer a loss due to someone else’s carelessness. If you have suffered a loss due to medical malpractice, call Orange County Attorney Aron Movroydis to get the compensation that you deserve.


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